CryptoWater IEO token C2O deployed and published


Token name: CryptoWater

Token contract address : 0x13Ca8eb6405cFbE2eaE5D00207651002083fbc9d (!!! do not send any ETH to the token contract address !!! )

Etherscan link:

Ticker: C2O
Decimals: 2
Supply: 163,691 C2O

Github data:


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MojKripto, CoinSyncom, Coindoo, CoinsTelegram recieves international award

Bled Water Festival is the leading platform for water innovations in the region.

The purpose of the project is to create revolutionary trends in the development of civilization, enable better quality of life and set a sustainable system of water cycle.

It is the platform for connecting and awarding different organizations, international experts, activists, film makers, business people, politicians, investors and general public with the goal to provide modern solutions, integrate them into the system faster, and consequently raise the quality of life, and give rise to the business sector in sustainable orientation for a better tomorrow.

With awarding innovative ideas and examples of good practice from business sector, national and individual projects, films (with ecological topic), we would like to raise awareness about water and necessary sustainable orientation when dealing with water resources for a better quality of life in the future. We bring new dimensions of water and provide the platform of business opportunities and connections.

On Friday, June 14 2019, this year’s international awards were granted at the closing ceremony of the Bled Water Festival.

Awards RESPONSIBLE TOWARDS WATER are granted in partnership with Slovenian Ministry for the Environment and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Republic Croatia and from Serbia the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. This year BWF partnered also with Slovak Environmental Agency and Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic.

Individual Award
The award was granted to Jure Pirc for the project: – Water on Blockchain.

The project enables a more precise identification of the geographical location of the water source and the quality of this at different hydrological situations. The approach is promising as it builds on the existing standardized labelling approaches adding information of a more precise location of the water source and its quality to users. This is important for the effective control of the water source and responsible behavior in the river basin.

Photo: Jože Torkar, Energy Solutions Director at Petrol, is handing over the award to Jure Pirc.

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